About Us

UDESA is a well-established and highly respected employer’s organisation. We have assisted employers navigate the rough terrain of a wide range of human resource and industrial relations issues, within the South African context, for over 20 years.

Assisting Employers’ Since 1998

We are a non-profit organisation, registered (in terms of Section 96 of the Labour Relations Act) with the Department of Labour.

With our focus being on quality not quantity, we work together with our fellow members, with the aim of encouraging and strengthening positive workplace behaviours

Why Choose Us?

Honest, Expert Advice

We conduct ourselves with integrity & honesty. Setting & attaining a high standard of professionalism underscored by our continue responsibility to providing our members with the best service possible

Consider Members’ Interests

We seek to advises, defend and represent the interests of our members, not only in their dealings with trade unions, but also in similar dealings with the Government

Restore The Balance of Power

We strive to restore or extend the balance of power on behalf of employers, when dealing with trade unions on a collective basis. This is especially beneficial for small and medium type enterprises who cannot afford to have a dedicated Human Resources / Industrial Relations department within the enterprise.

Our Philosophy

  • To be the nationally recognised Employers Organisation of choice.
  • To conduct business, at all times, as a professional organisation with integrity and in compliance with all relevant legislation.
  • To encourage membership from within all business sectors, increasing collective bargaining power.


  • To provide all members with cost effective quality assured services.
  • To promote equitable labour practices within our members workplaces.
  • To provide members with the best, most up-to-date advice possible.
  • To pro-actively assist members in being compliant with relevant legislation.
  • To protect, where possible, member’s interests during collective bargaining within the workplace.
  • To assist members with the training & development of their employees in order to up-skill and enhance employee workplace behaviours.
  • To keep members up-to-date with the latest changes in relevant labour legislation.

Executive Committee

Jackie Higham


R Kistan


Alan Gibb


Richard Manthey



Ishmael Mbanjwa


Navika Manglannth


Herman Geffrath


Let’s Work Together