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What is an employer's organisation?

Any number of employers associated together for the purpose whether by itself or with other purposes, of regulating relations between employers and employees or Trade Unions

– An Employers Organization as defined by the Labour Relations Act (LRA)

An Employers Organisation is basically a business’ version of a trade union. The main focus of any employers organization is to attempt to regulate the work environment by means of (but not limited to) negotiation, conflict management and collective bargaining.  Another key aspect, in line with the government’s efforts to increase skills development, is training and development.

What happens to your membership fees?
An Employer’s Organization must, in terms of the Labour Relations Act,  be an association “Not For Gain” (i.e. not a cover for profit making in business).  Its main source of revenue is generally from fees paid by its members (annually) and may be supplemented by additional fees paid by members and /or no-members to attend training / information sharing seminars etc.

Such income is carefully monitored so as to ensure compliance with S98 (Account records and Audits) of the LRA, as well as the applicable Income Tax and VAT Acts.  Income earned by the Employer’s Organisation is used to benefit the organisation and its members.

What does an employer's organisation do?
An Employers Organisation cans assist a company to regulate their work environment to form a solid foundation for more efficient and effective working relationships. It should assist all parties in achieving their common goals.

It assists its members (employers) in understanding & ensuring compliance with ever changing regulations, be they industry specific or general.


Why join an employer's organisation?
  • By being a member of an Employers Organization, fellow members have the right of representation at the various dispute resolution forums i.e. CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court and Labour Appeal Court.  This grants members access to experienced litigators who function in these areas, at a cost far lower than the rate normally charged by attorneys.
  • Members are assisted in various training and development initiatives in regards to Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management.  Employers Organization’s take an active interest in providing such training to its members, specifically when it comes to complex Acts and their amendments. If properly understood and implemented members of the Employers Organization could save money as well as time spent defending unnecessary disputes.
What other benefits are there to joining an employer's organisation?
  • An Employers Organization may, on behalf of its members, negotiate in collective bargaining matters.
  • One can not underestimate business- networking opportunities that may be gained by belonging to an Employers Organisation
  • Employers Organization will seek to provide regular and timely updates of relevant amendments in legislation that may have an impact on the employer’s activities.

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